On a fine summer’s day in August two intrepid trustees of the Calver Weir Restoration Project (CWRP) donned their waders and did a spot of weir maintenance. One of the conditions of the HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) grant is that the weir be regularly inspected and maintained. We picked a day when the weather was warm and the water level low and had no difficulty picking our way across the weir to the far side where the fish pass is situated. The first job was to spray any weeds growing out of the weir which could subsequently lead to loosening of the blocks. Photo 1 shows Mike Elsworth doing the business and also reveals how quickly debris can naturalise. That lot will have to be shifted at some point soon as it will block the run over on that part of the weir. But the priority today was unblocking the fish pass.
Photo 2 shows Mike heaving a heavy branch retrieved from under water at the top of the fish pass causing the blockage and photo 3 is just a part of the stuff we removed. In photo 4 Mike looks down on a job well done – the water levels on either side of the girder which spans the top of the fish pass are equal on either side and water is clearly flowing freely. The amount of water flowing down the fish pass (photo 5) was much greater than it was when we arrived that morning.
Although it was hard work we both agreed it had felt a bit like reliving our boyhoods, making dams and then releasing the water, great fun. And a very obliging kingfisher was a bonus.
Brian Shaw Trustee
Mike Elsworth Trustee

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