Oral History Project

The Calver Weir Restoration Project has been researching the legacy of the weir and mill through an oral history project. The local community have been involved and many people associated with the mill have been interviewed. Click on the pictures below to find out more about the interviewees and listen to the interviews
7) The River  
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10) Colditz      
11) Secrets      

Interview 10 - Colditz
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One of the most curious weeks in Calver Mill’s recent history came at the end of the 1960s. The BBC chose Calver Mill as the setting for Laufen Castle, also known as Oflag VIIc, This was the prisoner of war camp many British soldiers were sent to after Dunkirk. Those who tried to escape were sent to the POW camp thought to be impossible to escape from – Colditz! This is how Calver Mill came to appear in the very first episode of the BBC Colditz series. Edward Hardwicke stars as the British officer determined to escape and who is caught – coming out of the wheelhouse. You can see the full episode on YouTube - http://youtu.be/Sji0F5R8Ge4.

The BBC filmed inside and outside the mill for a week during the spring holiday. Sissons ex-employees Jess Oakley, Mavis Pedley, Ray Fowler, Ken Campbell and Janet Botham recall the days the Germans came to the mill, along with cameramen, soundmen, actors and set builders. From German guards and British prisoners to plastic cobbles and flying the swastika – Calver Mill was transformed into Oflag VIIc for a week.

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