Oral History Project

The Calver Weir Restoration Project has been researching the legacy of the weir and mill through an oral history project. The local community have been involved and many people associated with the mill have been interviewed. Click on the pictures below to find out more about the interviewees and listen to the interviews
7) The River  
8) Wildlife        
10) Colditz      
11) Secrets      

Interview 7 - The River
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The River Derwent flows through the history of Calver Weir and Mill. Without the river, the mill would not be here in the first place and there would not be the need for the weir.

But, what about the importance and influence of the river beyond its use as a power source? How have the people who lived and worked alongside the Derwent used it? In this episode, various people talk about how they have connected with the river at different times. Ray Fowler, Sissons Sales Director, opens up with two stories of fishing and boating. Julia Beswick talks about skating and carts on the frozen river and more boating. Graham Gill remembers playing at the river and weir as a child. Ray then returns to talk about the ‘red river’ incident before we finish with Michael Heath, President of the Waltonian Angling Club.
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